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What the prompts offer:

  • Ways to explore your creative discipline.
  • A creative view on the world.
  • Mini creative challenges.
  • Projects to ignite your imagination.
  • Ways to explore other creative disciplines.

About The Prompts

The prompts we have created are about opening creative spaces, offering ideas and suggestions to take your creativity in fascinating and different directions. Some prompts will ask you a question, others may ask you to create in a certain way. All the prompts can be interacted with at any skill level and can be explored in any creative discipline.

Once you sign up we will start sending beautifully designed and intelligently creative prompts, prompts that will offer you new ways to think about yourself, your creativity and the world around you.

Sign up today to start your creative journey!


Monthly subscription

£2.50Per MonthOnce a month you will receive a beautifully designed and intelligently created digital prompt that will take your creativity to new and exciting places. This prompt can be explored in many different creative ways, in any creative discipline. These prompts are not just a single image, or word, but creative concepts explored through multiple pages with images, suggestions, quotes, ideas and questions.

Monthly subscription

£3.50Per MonthThese daily prompts are about being inspired every day, allowing space for regular creativity and having something come into your inbox every day that allows you to think a little bit differently. They are beautifully designed, with a short prompt to ignite your imagination, they can be engaged with instantly and spontaneously in a few moments or you can use their inspiration for longer projects.


You can cancel at any time, literally, no questions asked. If for any reason you decide you no longer want to receive the prompts just switch off the payment. By signing up you are in no long-term contract with us! We want to spread creativity, positivity and possibility in the world, so any time you wish to cancel, just cancel.

We have created beautiful and thought-provoking prompts that you should be able to connect with in any creative way you choose. We also offer creative suggestions in 8 disciplines under some prompts to guide your creativity in new and exciting ways and to give you ideas to explore.
The key artistic disciplines we focus on are: art, collage, photography, writing, poetry, music, dance/movement and performance/theatre. But the prompts have been built to ask you creative questions that you and your creative passion can answer in any way you wish, using any creativity you want.

This is totally up to you. Some people take 10 minutes, some people take days or months, whatever feels right for you is right.

If you have signed up for one prompt a month it will be sent to you on the first of every month. If you have signed up for the daily prompts you will start receiving them within 5 days of your purchase.

The creative concept behind the prompts have been put together by creatives and educators. With the monthly prompt once the concept of the prompt has been developed, graphic designers turn these ideas into digital documents, working with photos and design to create something that is thought-provoking, inspiring, visually engaging and opens creative thought and endeavour.

With the daily prompts the same team of creatives and educators put together the concept of the prompt – these prompts are about being inspired every day, allowing space for regular creativity and having something come into your inbox every day that allows you to think a little bit differently.

Everything we do is about opening creative spaces that can be explored by others, we are also passionate about what we deliver and it is our constant endeavour to make it beautiful and a joy to receive.