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Prompting A Creative Ripple

We are trying to prompt a creative ripple in the world – we’ve created a number of beautiful prompts to inspire creativity and guide creative endeavour, these will be free for everybody. It is our hope that people find inspiration from these prompts, share what they have done and let other people know about the project, slowly spreading creativity further and further as each person finds inspiration from the prompts, the community of people taking part, and the creativity of others, in turn creating and suggesting to others to get involved.

“Creativity takes courage. ”

Henri Matisse

Everyone will receive a beautiful prompt at the same time, but the way you react to these prompts is totally up to you, this is about letting your imagination run wild. Then, alongside many others, you will create something from this central point, this central idea, this prompt. As everybody shares their journey on social media, we will see the creative process through many eyes and the creative journeys people have walked. Building an understanding of creativity, creating inspiration and prompting a creative ripple in the world.

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