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About The Project

This project is about inspiring as many people as possible to be creative through offering beautifully designed and intelligently created prompts, offering a space where people can explore creativity alongside each other. We are doing this because we want to prompt a creative ripple in the world, changing lives through creativity. Creativity is an essential part of our lives, for our well-being, for our ability to grow in the world and to shape the world we live in.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

The prompts we have created are about opening creative spaces, offering ideas and suggestions to take your creativity into fascinating and different directions. Some prompts will ask you a question, some will offer you a story beginning, others may ask you to create in a certain way, all the prompts can be interacted with at any skill level and can be explored in any creative discipline.

This project says: be creative, however hard, take time to be creative, explore your creativity in different and exciting ways, and do it alongside a community of others.

We have put this project together because we believe creativity should be accessible for everybody and anybody. A more creative world is a better world.

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